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wind turbines and main components of operating and maintenance
Time:2016-7-20 15:51:24

with the increase of domestic wind power equipment running time, early installation of foreign brandsWind turbinesAnd main equipment gradually revealed various fault, but the owners due to lack of resources to the timely and effective solution, which affect the whole efficiency of wind field, this paper I have many years experience in the industry, especially puts forward some Suggestions, hope to be able to help the owner to solve problems.

Early foreign brands wind turbines and equipment database system training

Wind power industry has developed rapidly in recent years, domestic capacity increasing, according to data by the end of 2012 is installed capacity has reached 75324.2 MW wind power unit, the number of installed more than 53764 units, wind power has become the third largest power supply.Early wind industry, however, because of technical reasons, the wind generator installation operating mainly imported or foreign brands in China wind power equipment factory.In recent years, domestic manufacturers manufacturing capacity and technical level enhances unceasingly, gradually fade out the domestic market, the foreign brands in the domestic set up factory is running a poor, and even layoffs, closed, so resulting in the loss of a large amount of industry engineers turned.

And because the domestic owners of wind turbines and main components, such as frequency converter, lack of professional technology, maintenance and overhaul does not reach the designated position, wind turbine equipment failure rate increased, foreign brand products after-sales technical support issue gradually revealed.At the same time, in recent years, as the country for parallel operation for higher wind power industry, a large number of installed wind turbines started early transformation, upgrade, so more highlights the technical support demand for foreign brand products.

So, how to ensure that the owner of the existing installed foreign brands of equipment normal operation, the timely and effective troubleshooting and maintenance problem?

According to many years working in wind power industry and management experience, put forward the following Suggestions:

Users (1) the wind field should be set up as early as possible with foreign brands suppliers direct channels of communication early wind farm installation, debugging, even are the hosts, the contractor shall be responsible for the maintenance, wind turbines in some main products, such as frequency converter, manufacturers are contact forms, the lack of communication with the owners of channels, and eventually make the owner lacks of product maintenance, such as the operation ability of the engineer resources.So now, the owner should be established as soon as possible and supplier direct communication channels, required to provide professional maintenance, technical support and other services.

(2) to establish a complete database system for wind turbines

According to different types of wind turbines, a number of installed wind field should be in the tens or even hundreds of units, nearly every wind field there are several different models, it will produce a lot of supplier, unavoidably will add difficulties to the late maintenance and troubleshooting, so you need to the owner's engineer to master more information of wind turbines, so in a timely manner to build wind turbines are especially necessary information database system, the information should include: the wind turbine installation time, formal operation time, main components manufacturers information, date of fault happened, the fault phenomena, solution, whether to replace the spare parts, etc.So that if a typhoon power plant more difficult fault happened, we can use this database retrieval system, check what happened before the typhoon electric unit fault, related to whether and fault happened earlier, this can speed up the processing of a problem timely.At the same time, also can use the information statistics of wind turbines in maintenance costs, as well as the spare parts usage, the effect of each typhoon electrical units established a complete file.

(3) set up the operation of the professional maintenance engineer team

The normal operation of the wind field, need a batch of familiar with all kinds of different types of wind turbines and products of high quality engineering and technical personnel.Foreign supplier company has relatively complete technical support department, the owner may require suppliers to provide comprehensive training courses, strengthen the communication and supplier technical team, at the same time to improve their professional skills of engineers and operation level, through constant practice, gradually build up a professional team of engineers, to ensure that the first time to solve the problem of failure, years maintenance task.

(4) to establish a certain scale of emergency spare parts warehouse

Consider the wind power industry to foreign brand operation, the machine sales in the domestic market share, companies are adjusting management pattern, and some of the main products are still the most important parts in need to purchase from supplier, but the buying cycle tend to be long.And, as technology constantly updated, some components are also rising, and even eliminated.So as soon as possible to build their own emergency spare parts inventory, is not only beneficial to improve the efficiency of solving fault, to ensure wind turbine availability, but also to long-term normal operation of wind turbines has increased security.

(5) normal maintenance and product upgrade

General maintenance of wind turbines can be done on their owner, but some main products, such as frequency converter, requires some professional maintenance work, but the current domestic operating years of wind field are rarely concerned with this kind of product maintenance work grid circuit breaker, for example, some wind turbines in the action of circuit breaker has been more than the normal use of the number of products, but also no maintenance, this will give the safety of the running of the wind turbines very much hidden trouble, and even serious accident of wind turbines, cause huge property losses.

At the same time, by keeping the communication with suppliers, just in time to find out if there's any software/hardware vendor products upgrade, can according to the practical operation of wind field, allowing the product updates.

Early installation of wind turbines in operation and main components in wind turbines has been over period, owner should as soon as possible to develop professional maintenance of wind turbines and engineers, professional and technical training, to believe that if the owner can take active measures, will be able to guarantee the normal operation of wind turbines, improve the utilization rate of wind turbines, the wind field running more stable and reliable.

Author introduction: XiaoJun, male, graduated from electrical engineering and its automation major, engineer, now at Woodward controller (tianjin) co., LTD., engaged in after-sales service management.

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