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China to $50 trillion global energy to the Internet
Time:2016-7-20 15:48:33

by 2050, China hopes to build a $50 trillion globalThe energy of the InternetTo completely change the global power supply.

Global energy Internet project by the state grid corporation is put forward for the first time last year.National grid, former chairman of him visiting Switzerland in early July, respectively, and the history of ABB group President BiFu, world business council for sustainable development (WBCSD) chairman Peter B baker held talks, elaborate global energy Internet project.

According to the world economy BBS, global energy Internet connect is not only a national energy networks, actual it is producing enough electricity supply all over the world.China hopes to put the solar wind farm is connected to the equator of the Arctic Circle, build a system that can transcend borders the supply of clean energy.

Him that if solar energy,windEtc.Renewable energyBecome a feasible alternative energy of polluting fossil fuel combustion, global energy Internet is the best choice.According to the national grid, if the global renewable energy generation to 12.4% annual growth, by 2050 renewable energy will account for 80% of global energy consumption.

Global energy Internet project is divided into three stages.Between now and 2020, will focus on promoting clean energy development, China's domestic power grid interconnection and the smart grid construction around the world;By 2030, planners hope to interconnect power grids and the construction of large energy bases;In 2050, the focus will be to create a polar and equatorial energy base, the new energy power generation technology is concentrated in the most favorable areas.

Although Internet project may seem far global energy, but China is trying to some other bold ideas to produce more clean energy.In the next few years, will become the world's largest garbage incineration power plant is located in shenzhen.Soon after, China hopes that through a series of floating nuclear power plants supply the energy for the disputed south China sea island.

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